Marketing Bonaire helps expanding organisations and corporations. Our focus is on online strategies. Websites, newsletters, Google Ads and improve visibility in search engines like Google and Bing.

Do you need offline content for branding? That’s no problem at all. We can design logo’s, flyers, posters, menu’s and complete styleguides.


Need a new website? We design and build websites and optimise your current website.


A good newsletter improves interactions and (online) sales.

Offline Branding

All necesary items you'll need. Like flyers, posters, banners and many more.

Online Services

Marketing Bonaire is an online marketing specialist. The reason is quite simple. Online is cheap, flexible and measurable. Especially the last reason is very important. You would like to know, when activate an (online) campaign, what the results was of your investment. When a campaign was succesful you can use this information to improve your next campaign. Then there’s another reason. You can connect with the whole world, just from your computer or smartphone.

Rapportage website gebruik - Analytics
extensive reporting website-usage


Online findability is essential these days. Of course you can use social media, such as Facebook, but this often leads to ‘well-known customers’. New customers are generally good at 80% of the turnover and therefore it is important to invest in a website. By setting it up in the right way (textual, security and speed) the findability is increased. Add to this our dashboard and you can see the growth for yourself. This way you know exactly which (marketing) actions have had an impact.


Wordpress Website
WordPress Websites
HTML5 Website - Bootstrap
Custom HTML5
CSS3 Website
Custom CCS3


Physical mailings on the island don’t make much sense, but this depends more on the delivery than on the content of the mailing. Emailings, on the other hand, delivers a lot of results. Every company has collected email addresses of their customers. These can be used to “inform” them about certain actions or new products or services. Do this action regularly and you will see that your brand awareness is also increased (also outside Bonaire).

Emailmarketing - emailcampagnes - Mailchimp Partner Bonaire
Official Mailchimp Expert

Paid Traffic

Do you always want to be at the top of Google searches when people are searching for your service or product? Try using Google Ads. Set a daily budget for what a visitor’s booking or purchase may cost and experiment. The calculation of a click is very complex and the more qualitative the website is, the less you pay. So quality saves money.

Google Ads - Google Adwords Specialist
Google Partner

Offline Branding​

Every company needs physical expressions. In addition to a catchy logo, there are many things that are needed. Think for example of flyers, posters and menus. These expressions must fit together seamlessly and be recognizable for the passer-by, visitor or recipient.