Need a new Website?

A website is an ideal and inexpensive way to promote your business. Especially when you want to attract visitors who are going to visit the island for example. Often we look in advance at what the hotel looks like. the surroundings and what activities there are to do. These choices are already made before the trip starts. Excursions and other activities are often booked in advance, at least, if the website allows it.

We are not yet talking about visibility in search results. This will only be possible as soon as a good (basic) website is available.

Modern Design

Fast Loading Time

Mobile Friendly

Simple Maintenance


Primary focus with a (new) website is at the base. Every website that is built (or rebuilt) is linked to various analytical tools and automatically indexed daily by Google. Texts, images and additional (non visible) information are added on pages for a better ranking.


Nobody likes a slow website. Speed is an essential part of a good website. As soon as a Content Management System (CSM) is used, for example WordPress, you are already 2-0 behind static websites (hard-coded). Both have their advantages and disadvantages. For ease of use, a CMS is very handy to easily edit text and images. Of course there are ways to make such a website as fast as possible and we apply it as well as possible.

Websites and more…

We not only deliver a beautiful website, which can be viewed on everything, but also a number of additional